Audiocore Catalog

Audiocore S-Line 630 VDC 0.1 uF Capacitor

 Audiocore S-Line Capacitor


  • Non-inductive construction and self-healing
  • Low DF and high IR
  • High capacitance value available and compact size


  • Coupling decoupling by-passing and timing circuit
  • Automatic control system, communication equipment
  • Charging/discharging, lighting, noise suppression and frequency modulation
  • Loudspeaker x-over


DielectricPolypropylene film
ElectrodesVacuum evaporated metal
CoatingOut wrapped with Mylar tape and ends sealed with epoxy resin
LeadsAxial leads of tinned wire
Reference StandardIEC 384-16; GB10190-1988
Capacitance ToleranceJ=±5%
Dissipation factor (tangent of loss)DF≤0.1% (at 20°C, 1KHz)
Voltage Proof1.6*Ur (5s at 20°C)
Insulation ResistanceC≤0.33uF IR≥30,000MΩ;
C>0.33uF IR*C≥5,000S (1 minute at 20°C and RH≥65%)
Endurance1000 hours with 125% of rated voltage at 85°C
After the test: ΔC/C≤5%; ΔDF≤0.4%); IR≥50% of the specified value (at 20°C 1KHz)